Why Should You Use Nactivate?

An average user has…

contacts in their personal network.

contacts in their LinkedIn network.

contacts in their Facebook network.

But our brains can only maintain about 150 connections at one time.

So what happens to everyone else?

They disappear into contact purgatory; only to be deleted from your phone 18 months later while you’re waiting for a connecting flight or standing in line at the grocery store.

It’s time to Activate Your Network


Contacts without context are worthless

Most of our contacts end up as random names, phone numbers, or email addresses in our contact list or CRM only to be purged months or years later because we’ve forgotten who they are or how we met. Nactivate helps you categorize, tag, search for and activate your contacts by tribe, industry, skills, offerings, and much more. So next time you’re looking for a B2B marketer in San Francisco who specialiazes in SEO you’ll know exactly how to find them.

A system designed for power networkers.

Making amazing introductions and building a thriving network used to come with a lot of overhead. Not any more! With Nactivate, power networkers and super connectors can focus on building relationships and leave the busy work to us. Nactivate was designed with the tools, templates, and automations to make and measure introductions in seconds.

Stop being held hostage by your company’s CRM.

You worked hard to develop your network and maintain your connections. You shouldn’t have to leave them behind when you don’t have access to the company CRM. Nactivate is built and priced for individuals rather than companies so you can take your network with you – regardless of the CRM you’re connected to. 

Go-Givers sell more. 

Nactivate was developed on the principles of abundance rather than scarcity. And with a Go-Giver mentality in mind, we wanted to build a system that enabled our users to put the “5 Laws of Stratospheric Success” into action. From creating value to remaining open to receiving, Nactivate is here to support you and your network. 

Referrals close 30% higher than all other channels.

Receiving a referral is the fastest way to close business. Giving a referral builds influence. Nactivate was specifically designed to not only make giving and receiving referrals effortless but also track the value of your network.  

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