Nactivate’s proven 5-step process, workflows, and automation helps power networkers to build influence at scale. 

1. Aggregate

Aggregate and sync all your network-worthy contacts  into a single location within the  Nactivate platform.

2. Segment

Segment your contacts with key data points and customizable attributes to help you refer business and target future communication.

3. Activate

Continuously activate your network with frictionless one-on-one meetings, referrals, and introductions with built-in introductions, automations, and reminders.

4. Measure

Measure the ROI of your referral network, grow your Superconductor Score, and compete with others by giving and receiving ratings for all your Activation efforts.

5. Thanks

Send and and receive Thanks within your network for the business and connections you’re working together to create, nurture, and grow.

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