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The first-ever personal CRM designed exclusively for professional networkers.

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Save 15 minutes on every introduction You Make!

If you’re a Go-Giver, someone who practices the 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success, or truly believes that growing your personal network is a path towards greater wealth, influence, and freedom then Nactivate was created for you.

Nactivate automates your entire personal networking journey and give you a portable source of truth for every contact, introduction, referral, and 1:1 meeting.

Never again let your network be held hostage by the CRM you’re using or the company you’re working for.

Nactivate lets you take your network with you!

With Nactivate, you can…

  • Continuously sync your GSuite Contacts.
  • Save hours drafting introductions and referral emails.
  • Receive timed and tiered email reminders when it’s time to reconnect with your contacts.
  • Keep track of all your networking notes, tasks, and to-dos for every 1:1 meeting.
  • Receive qualitative and quantitative feedback for each introduction and referral your make.

Let Nactivate become your new Little Green Book™

Contacts With Context

Every one of your contacts is special, and you already have a system in your head of how you want to categorize each of them. But your phone’s contact list doesn’t have the fields you need and you’re not allowed to customize your company’s CRM. With Nactivate, you can tag and filter your contacts by the data that really makes a difference. Tribes, skills, location, offerings, and relationship strength are just a few of the fields that help you make the right introduction every time.

Introductions & Referrals in Seconds

Connectors thrive on making great introductions and referrals, but sometimes it feels harder than it should. Nactivate puts the onus where it should be; on those desiring the introduction. Nactivate’s Name Drop features let new contacts quickly enter themselves into your network – complete with a Default Introduction written in 3rd person. This, combined with Nactiavte’s customizable Introduction and Referral templates, lets Connectors make an Introduction with only 5 clicks! 

Integrated Task Management

Even from a single 1:1 meeting, it’s easy to forget all the introductions and referrals you’ve agreed to make. It’s even harder to remember everyone you’d like to keep in touch with. With Nactivate’s integrated and automated task management system, you can create reminders before, during, and after a meeting to be completed whenever and whenever your schedule allows.

Customizable to Your Network and Needs

Almost every aspect of Nactivate’s contact database can be adjusted to your specific needs. Customizable, time-based reminders for each tier of your network, introduction and referral templates with insertable tokens, and an unlimited number of options for tribes, skills, tags, and offerings. Once Nactivate is configured to your liking, making the right introduction or referral takes seconds.

Your Portable Little Green Book

True networkers know their network is their most valuable asset. When networkers move from one company or CRM to another, they often lose precious data and contact information. With Nactivate, you own your data so your contacts, data, and systems move with you. Stop being held hostage by your data and own your network with Nactivate.

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